The Center is designed to maintain a mechanism whereby the university environment can be used to collectively promote and undertake research, education, technology development, technology transfer, and technological workforce development to innovate and improve best practices in the software engineering domain. The center will become a leading technology innovator, technology incubator, and a center for technology commercialization. The center will raise the level and profile of software engineering research to become a world-renowned and highly regarded software research center. The Center will enable coordinated software engineering research and development as well as education and training of Highly Qualified Personnel to meet the future software workforce needs in the larger Montreal area. From a more visionary perspective, the Center’s goal is to improve the effectiveness and applicability of software engineering processes and resources in order to provided added benefits to organizations and society in general.



The Center’s mission is to participate through innovative, cutting-edge research and active industry and government engagement in the new knowledge-based economy, encouraging a multidisciplinary approach and information exchange. The mission of the center is the following:

    • To  focus on fostering global search for innovation and collaboration:
    • To support private, public, and social sector organizations alike, instilling values and mechanisms to foster cross-organizational interaction and to support best software engineering practices.
    • To provide knowledge exchange and technology transfer between academia, industries, and government bodies.
    • To become a leader in innovative software engineering technologies to improve development and quality of software systems while capturing best practices.
    • To attract the best research faculty, students and high-tech companies to Montreal to participate in research and technology innovation.



The primary mandate of the center is to promote excellence in software engineering research at Concordia University and foster collaboration with other academic institutions and industry members, and to make it a world-renowned software engineering center.

The center’s core purpose is to improve the state-of-the-art in software engineering and best practices and to transition this work to the community so that we improve the state-of-the-practice as well.

The center will take on a leading role in promoting innovation, knowledge and best practices through collaboration, synergy and technology transfer among its members. Development of enabling technologies and methodologies will enable cross-organizational business processes to support effective software product management, evolution and capturing of best practices while making these available in various stakeholder contexts.

The center will encourage collaborative work amongst member researchers through joint supervision, team grant applications, event organization and foster relationships with external and internal researchers with similar interests. As part of this mandate, the center will bring together software engineering researchers, practitioners and other stakeholders from Concordia University, other universities, other research centers and industries through various activities. The center will provide training to students in software engineering research, and engage in technology transfer among the center and industry partners. These activities will include organization of regular technical meetings and annually, larger events such as workshops, conferences, etc. and academia-industry meets. 


Center Structure


Dr. Juergen Rilling (CSE)

Advisory Committee